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My name is Jenna,
I'm a 28yr old mother and cosmetologist. I enjoy everything outdoors from fishing, Hiking, camping and just taking some random trail up in the mountains and see where it takes me. I love to explore the outdoors. I would like to one day be able to visit other countries. Modeling has been a passion of mine since 2006. By doing modeling its another way for me to express myself, to push limits and be able to explore new areas. Over the past few years I've have been lucky enough to get a chance and travel to other states. Along with the traveling I have had the privilege of meeting other wonderful models, photographers and MUA's. I've learned something new from every person I have worked with and have made friends all over the US. I enjoy getting tattoos. Currently I have 9 tattoos and will be getting more as time goes on. Each tattoo i have has a personal meaning to it. By far my favorite tattoo I have is the one on my  side done by Robert Holmes. Its a memorial tattoo for my Aunt that has some more work to go before it is finished. She always told me the only limit you have is the one you put on yourself.